Friday, February 3, 2012

03.02.2012 Mini-photoshoot with ElyonToWendy

Because my sis didn't really get any photos taken of her costume we decided to have a small photoshoot with her.. This one was realy quick, I think our photoshoot lasted like 15 mins tops :') But we had some fun time and we are both happy, she got some photos taken of her costume and I got to photograph :)

As Kizuna Hyuga: ElyonToWendy
Photography, retouch are made by me
and we have made the costume together with her :)

Tomorrow I'll get to have another photoshoot, this time it's with Lily and my sis will help us :'D You'll see the results and theme after I publish the photos ;D


  1. She's like the cutest thing EVER!!! The second pic from the end is my favourite!!

    1. I know!! :D And I liked so many photos from this shoot even though it was so quick! But I just added these photos because I didn't want to add too many same kind of photos :D

    2. I'd even kill to be as cute :DD
      Will you be uploading these to deviantart? :)

    3. Haha, same here! :D
      Yup, little by little, for her account these will go as soon as possible but to my own photography account I'll have to upload rest of the Desucon Frostbite photos first.. I guess :') But we'll see :D

    4. Bawww, siskosi on niin söötti! <3 Ihania kuvia. Mä kaipaisin hieman nuoruus-/söpöysgeenejä... :'D

    5. Hihi, niin se kyllä on :'D Ja tähänkin suuntaan kelpaisi itselleni söpöys-geenit! :D Täytyy kyllä olla kateellinen siksolle kun se on selvästi saanut ne kun niitä jaettiin meidän kesken xD