Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ranma ½

I feel like I never really went through these photos (there was so many) and that's why I never really gave any attention for them either.. So now I decided to take another look at the photos and there was quite many photos that I liked and here you have them!

Photos taken at Finncon-Animecon 2011, Turku, Finland.


SSHIGERUU as Shampoo
Ane-ue as Mousse
Izumiro as Ranma (boy)
HachiKo as Ranma (girl)
Isshiki as Ukyo
sirEdvard as Ryoga

And I was told that I should add more of those "not so serious" photos, so here you go~

And here you have one small viddie I took too :)


  1. ;----; tuolla porukalla oli kyllä niin kivaa!

    1. Niimpä! Oli tosi mukavaa teitä kuvatessakin/hengaillessa teidän kanssa sen mitä hengailin! :3
      Tällaisia lisää! :)