Saturday, October 27, 2012

Night time at Rovaniemi

Yesterday evening I was with friends when we got this idea with Valpuri to go out and take some night photos! So we took our stuff (cameras and tripods) and headed to outside!
It was pretty cold, I think it was about -10C and well.. In the end of the trip I couldn't even feel my fingers anymore :')
We went to take photos around 23:00 and I got home around 00:00 so it was really dark already, that's why the shutter speed had to be pretty long = we needed tripods.

I feel like I did get some pretty good photos, so I'm pretty happy.. I also had to have pretty big ISO (250-320) but for my relief there's not much statics in the photos!

So, enjoy~ :)

And before the last one, this one has pretty much statics, 'cause I wanted to make it a lot lighter, but for some reason I actually like it :O I just wanted to try taking a photo of the starry sky :)

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