Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Time to show you what I came up with our school assignment!
I actually haven't talked about this here yet, so here's some facts:
We had to choose one product to shoot in our school studio and there was 3 photos that we had to make:
1. a photo of the product as it is
2. in usage
3 and in some kind of space

Also, I ended up on choosing a product that is really special to me.
I chose this ring, that I got from my grandmother as I turner 18 y-o..
She herself has gotten this same ring from her mother when she turned 18, so it's something of a heirloom to me.
I love it and it's really precious..
But to the photos!
(as model Valpuri!)

I enjoyed my time in the studio and am pretty pleased with these.. :)
What do you think? :)
What I could have done better?
I really like to get better at photographing, so all feedback is welcomed! :)

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