Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Yesterday  had really spontaneous photoshoot with Lily as she came over sooner than I expected..
We had made plans for today, yes, but not for yesterday.. Happily I had already decided what she would be wearing and as she came she just changed her clothes and then we went to do our thing in the woods (lol) :)

I also wanted to have a photoset of photos with colder tones, so that's why these images follow this same kind of color palette.. :) But I think this is a nice change for me, something a little different :)
Hopefully you'll enjoy these~

Model: Lily
Photography, retouch and styling done by yours truly.


  1. Sulla on plajon kauniita kuvia..
    mistä toi hame/kangas on? :D

    1. Kiitos paljon! :D
      Tuo on itseasiassa mekko ja sen olen ostanut 2009 joulukuussa Thaimaasta :) Tarkemmin sanottuna Phuketista, Karon Beachilta :)