Monday, May 14, 2012

Photographers who inspire me

I decided to share some of my favourite photographers with you, all of these wonderful people inspire me a lot with their works :) They are all also very different when it comes to art, so you will see how amazing individuals they are :)
Also, I'll feature 4 photos from each one of them here :)
So, let's get started~

Julie de Waroquier

I heard of her from a friend of mine and ever since I took my first look at her art I fell in love with it.
In every photo there's something special that catches my eye. I love the edits, colors, movement and everything else that you can see in her artworks.. And I'm pretty sure that all of you that read my blog will love her works too.
See for yourself if you don't believe me:

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Elena Kalis

I found Elena from deviantART, there was one of her photos on the first page and by clicking it and going through her works there I saw how wonderful her underwater photography is.. Yes, she's an underwater photographer and really good one too!

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Marwane Pallas

By accident I run into his work at Facebook.
And what did I see?
At first I was sure all of his works were paintings of sort, but no, his a photographer and what can I say.. Some of the works are a little similar to Julie's works, but at the same time these two people are like from two different worlds.
Marwane uses a lot of colors and contrast, things that I like to use too in my works.
And really, all of his models are so beautiful.

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Alexander Pompa

Another photographer that I found by coincidence!
Alexander has more soft tones and he doesn't use such a high contrast in his works as Marwane, but I really like his works too! His still in school, but I would buy his works already! Such amazing talent! :')
He's the same age as me but there's a huge cap between mine and his photography skill levels :')
I'll get better!! (Hopefully!!)

That last photo is a self-portrait!
And I think that it's pretty amazing too!! :)

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