Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catherine #01

So, I've been really lazy, I had a photoshoot with three awesome ladies at Desucon, but I still haven't touched those photos properly! Well, I started going through those photos just this morning.. But I don't have an internet right now, so I'm not sure when I can show those to you + I still have a bunch of photos under retouch :')

But right after Desucon Yumi decided to retouch some of the photos and publish herself :3
So I decided to show those photos to you now, and I'll show those that I've retouched later on :)

So Photography is all me, but retouch is made by Yumi :)
Both costumes are handmade by the cosplayers! :)

YumiKoyuki as Catherine
alksndra as Katherine

Hopefully you liked these!
I'm actually retouching some that Yumi chose to retouch too, so there's going to be some douples, but I hope that you don't mind!

See ya soon with more Catherine photos~ :)

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