Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hello again~

I've been really busy lately as I moved from Porvoo to Rovaniemi and well I just haven't had time to go through photos, there's still some photos even from the shoot with Lily that I haven't gone through yet..

But this post is actually about HMJ-RAKENNUSPALVELUT that Henry Jarva, a co-worker of mine from my last job, owns.. So it's his own company and he asked me to take some photos for him to use on his website..

What is his company about?
Well, he does different renovations, bigger and smaller ones, and you can contact him to come and do work for you.. You can find more about it at his website:

But to the photos!
We took some shots of him and of some works of his :)

Here's one sauna that he has renovated..

And here's some shots from balconies, the one that he has renovated is the one on the left upper corner!

I have given him the photos, but I haven't heard his opinion of them yet.. Hopefully he liked these :)
~Bye and 'till next time, I still have a lot of cosplay photos to go through from the summer so I'll be posting those asap~ :)

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