Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black dress & red lips

Well hello you all!
Finally I have something new to show you! Something that is school related but ain't boring! (Yes, I thought that the last task we had was a bit dull..)
So.. Our new assignment was to take photos of some products (clothing) and that the products had to have a story behind.. Our thing was to take 3-5 photos and those should be like advertising campaing or something like that.. So, what I came up to was a high-class lady on a train trip.. So what I want to sell with these photos was glamour and luxury etc :'D idk.. :')

But yeah.. I asked the lovely Valpuri to be my model again and she agreed.. Though she didn't know what she was up to ;) Poor thing was so cold at some points :(

But yeah,
the look was created by me, but Valpuri did her own hair and makeup! (ofc according to my hopes)!
Photography and retouch by yours truly~

Hopefully you'll enjoy these~

So those were taken this morning! What do you think? :)
I have to choose 5 for our lesson.. And to be honest I really don't know which 5 I want to edit and print out ;;__;;

So, any help, maybe? :)
Which photos are your favourites? :)

ps. You might have noticed that Choco was also modeling for me this time ;)