Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some school stuff

I've been extremely busy lately, I have so many school deadlines, so I haven't even had time to go and have a photoshoot with anyone D: But my photography course has finally started and I get to use studio in January! I'm so going to use it.. A LOT. :)
But we had some basic tasks that we had to do a week ago, like use a long shutter speed etc, so as I've been quiet lately and all you have seen is my Wordless Wednesday photos I decided to show you 2 photos from that task :)
And here I'm also showing some of my mad (read: imaginary) photoshop skills, there's the unedited version and edited one.. I felt like showing you what I do to my photos after I get them to my computer, and normally I just play with curves and that kinda stuff, so there's not much difference.. Or is there?

I actually hated that we had to show unedited photos for our class :D I dunno, I always want to add at least some more contrast to my photos before showing them to anyone.. But I guess that's just me.. :D

ps. I just noticed that tomorrows Wordless Wednesday photo was already up! I swear I had timed it for tomorrow, but oh well.. Some have already seen it, but those who haven't, just wait for tomorrow morning! :)

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