Monday, September 17, 2012


Well hello~
I haven't been behind the camera lately, b/c I just moved to Rovaniemi and I don't have any models here what so ever, so.. I decided to check out some photos from the photoshoots I've had during this year and I actually found photos that I like but for a reason or another haven't retouched those..

So, as the title says these photos are of Yumi and her lovely Mercedes cosplay!
I took these photos at Desucon Frostbite, as we had a quick shoot there :)
You may notice that I really went and retouched the first photo a lot, a whole new background!
What do you think?
I actually want to evolve my photoshop skills + the background we had while shooting wasn't the best for Mercedes, so..

Hopefully you'll like these~ :)

YumiKoyuki as Mercedes from Odin's Sphere
Costume is also handmade by her!

Photography and retouch by yours truly~

And now I can say that I believe there's going to be more old photos that I'll be showing here! But hopefully I'll also get some fresh material to show you soon!! :)


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