Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Finally I got to take some photos here too!
As you know, I don't take a lot of nature photos, I like photographing ppl much more! But I heard of this place called Vikaköngäs from a new friend here in Rovaniemi and with Valpuri (another new friend of mine) we decided to check the place!

I actually liked the place a lot and I believe I will go there again to take some more photos.. Maybe during the winter? It might be pretty place during that time of the year too :3

When we were going back to Rovaniemi with Valpuri, we noticed how close and big the moon is and we decided to make a small stop and take some photos of the moon too!

After that we ended up making another stop by a beach, just to check out the sunset!

I found a lot of new and nice photoshoot locations during this trip and hopefully I'll get to use these places soon!
I actually got to take some photos of Valpuri while we were at Vikaköngäs, so you'll see those photos in a separate post still during this week!

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