Thursday, October 6, 2011

Animecon 2011

Back to posting some old pictures, these were taken at Animecon (14-17.7.2011) Again, I'll introduce all the cosplayers, etc :) So here we go~

Bt, once again, all the costumes are handmade by the cosplayers~

First off with a cosplay from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

ninnu-chan as Kyoko Tokiwa


Check out my ponytail

And the next cosplays are from Kuroshitsuji (Wonderland OVA)

Ane-ue as Undertaker (Mad Hatter)
BeyondBirthday696 as Ciel Phantomhive (Alice)
Aino Mäkinen as Sebastian Michaelis (White Rabbit)

Coming to get you

Mad family

Feel the maddness

And next is some cosplays from Ranma ½

Izumiro as Ranma Saotome (boy)
Hachi-8-KO as Ranma Saotome (girl)
SSHIGERUU as Shampoo
Ane-ue as Mousse

Be mine




And last but not least, from FullMetal Alchemist there's:

Starblom as Greed


'Till next time and to next photos~


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