Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello again!
Here's some picture's of people this time :)
I've had some photoshoots and I'll post about those individually, but here's all the other picture's that can't be posted like that, so I thought of posting these together :) Hopefully you'll like these~

First there's some picture's of my friend as a lolita :)

Model: Lineartt
Costume is handmade by: Mollamaija

Dreaming of you


My sweet musicbox

Then there's some pictures of my other friend, first picture is from year 2010 and second is from 2011 winter :)

Model: Laura Rissanen
Corset and skirt (in first picture) are handmade by me

Lady Poise

Dreams lift us up..

I also shoot a lot with my sister and brother and I owe them a lot :) Because they have been my models so many times :)

So in these pics there's my sis and bro as models~



Do not bully

Life Ain't Fair

And last picture is of a synchronized skating group "The Rockettes" who won the first place in 2011 Synchronized Skating Championships :) I love they're outfits~

The clock is ticking

'Till next time~


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