Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Too tired

Because of me going back to home I was really busy for some days and after that I was just so tired that I just couldn't take the camera and get photos for my calendar and after missing few days because of it I decided that that was it.
I think I'll give this calendar a new chance next year but at this very moment I just can't continue it anymore, I'm a little sad by this, but there's always the next year, yes?

I'll get behind the camera soon enough b/c we've been planning on photoshoot(s?) with the lovely Lily :3
So you will get some photos to look at during my holiday too :3

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Advent Calendar: Day 8

Today the photo is of something that I've been working with some time and that is my portfolio for Luova Vaatetus. This is a page from my research book and I will be using this in my mood board.
Too bad that the quality of the photo is little shitty though, gotta blame the light ;)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent Calendar: Day 6

Today is the 95th Finland's Independence Day so I wanted to take a photo of the blue and white flag of ours.. Too bad it wasn't windy today so the flag was just hanging there.. But I still took the photo and that's that!

Happy Independence Day everyone!!! :3

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Calendar: Day 5

I took some photos for the lovely Ida to use in her blog today and I used the opportunity to take one photo for my calendar too ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Advent calendar

So as it's December in just two days and at least in Finland it's a tradition to have an Advent calendar while waiting for Christmas Eve, so I got this idea of making one for my photography blog too!

So what does that mean?
I'm going to post photos here daily, yes, daily and it will be a photo that I took during that day!
So it's going to be very diary-like calendar! :)

Hopefully I'll succeed to do it and hopefully you guys will enjoy it~

ps. This also means that there won't be coming any Wordless Wednesday posts before 26th of December!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today I got to test printing at school..
I'm still little awkward everytime I have to show my stuff and works so it was a big deal for my to be the first one to print and to print something in that size, because you can see the mistakes (like noise if there is some) so much easier than in smaller photos!

But I finally know which photos I will be printing next week and how I should retouch them more!
So in a week I'll be showing you the final photos and prints! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black dress & red lips

Well hello you all!
Finally I have something new to show you! Something that is school related but ain't boring! (Yes, I thought that the last task we had was a bit dull..)
So.. Our new assignment was to take photos of some products (clothing) and that the products had to have a story behind.. Our thing was to take 3-5 photos and those should be like advertising campaing or something like that.. So, what I came up to was a high-class lady on a train trip.. So what I want to sell with these photos was glamour and luxury etc :'D idk.. :')

But yeah.. I asked the lovely Valpuri to be my model again and she agreed.. Though she didn't know what she was up to ;) Poor thing was so cold at some points :(

But yeah,
the look was created by me, but Valpuri did her own hair and makeup! (ofc according to my hopes)!
Photography and retouch by yours truly~

Hopefully you'll enjoy these~

So those were taken this morning! What do you think? :)
I have to choose 5 for our lesson.. And to be honest I really don't know which 5 I want to edit and print out ;;__;;

So, any help, maybe? :)
Which photos are your favourites? :)

ps. You might have noticed that Choco was also modeling for me this time ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Some school stuff

I've been extremely busy lately, I have so many school deadlines, so I haven't even had time to go and have a photoshoot with anyone D: But my photography course has finally started and I get to use studio in January! I'm so going to use it.. A LOT. :)
But we had some basic tasks that we had to do a week ago, like use a long shutter speed etc, so as I've been quiet lately and all you have seen is my Wordless Wednesday photos I decided to show you 2 photos from that task :)
And here I'm also showing some of my mad (read: imaginary) photoshop skills, there's the unedited version and edited one.. I felt like showing you what I do to my photos after I get them to my computer, and normally I just play with curves and that kinda stuff, so there's not much difference.. Or is there?

I actually hated that we had to show unedited photos for our class :D I dunno, I always want to add at least some more contrast to my photos before showing them to anyone.. But I guess that's just me.. :D

ps. I just noticed that tomorrows Wordless Wednesday photo was already up! I swear I had timed it for tomorrow, but oh well.. Some have already seen it, but those who haven't, just wait for tomorrow morning! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Night time at Rovaniemi

Yesterday evening I was with friends when we got this idea with Valpuri to go out and take some night photos! So we took our stuff (cameras and tripods) and headed to outside!
It was pretty cold, I think it was about -10C and well.. In the end of the trip I couldn't even feel my fingers anymore :')
We went to take photos around 23:00 and I got home around 00:00 so it was really dark already, that's why the shutter speed had to be pretty long = we needed tripods.

I feel like I did get some pretty good photos, so I'm pretty happy.. I also had to have pretty big ISO (250-320) but for my relief there's not much statics in the photos!

So, enjoy~ :)

And before the last one, this one has pretty much statics, 'cause I wanted to make it a lot lighter, but for some reason I actually like it :O I just wanted to try taking a photo of the starry sky :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

First Snow

Hello, it's been awhile since I made any other posts than just Wordless Wednesday ones.
But as we got our first snow here yesterday (and  most say, I was so hyped about the snow!!!) I just had to take a long walk by the riverside and take some photos!

Hopefully you'll like these :)

I also had Choco with me, but I'll share those photos of him in a separate post, so see you all soon again~