Tuesday, May 28, 2013

25.5.2013 - AHOY, Sailor!

I've been busy with some last uni assignments and happily I just have to write one lecture diary and then I'm done! This fact didn't let me stay from my camera any longer, I really wanted to go to take some photos after such a long time and happily Lily was kind enough to model for me again after nine (9!!!) months! Last shoot we had was before I moved to Rovaniemi and now I'm so happy to be back here!

This shoot didn't have any special theme, but I guess we ended up having some kind of an sailor theme anyways.. Also the weather was a pain in the a*s! At one time it was cloudy but still bright and at other times sun was shining and you must know how hard it is trying to take nicely exposed photos in a bright sunlight when shooting at the riverside :D But I think that we got some pretty nice photos anyways~
Also I got to use my new monopod for the first time, YAY! :3

Model: Lily
Photography, retouch and styling by yours truly.

ps. Also that dress gave me headache 'cause it gets really wrinkly in no time! ARGH!
pps. I'm so happy that I'll get to take some cosplay photos soon too ;) Stay tuned for those!