Tuesday, July 17, 2012


More photos from Animecon IX!

Actually, I want to thank these awesome cosplayers that they asked me to take their photos, I was actually pretty amazed and confused that I was asked to do so! :D But it was fun and I like quite many of the photos that I took, hopefully they do too! :)

Yaci as Allen Walker
Kangaskasa as Lenalee Lee

Monday, July 16, 2012

Final Fantasy X

So, I went to Animecon last weekend and for some really odd reason I've almost gone through all the photos that I took! :O So I'm sharing some with you now! :)

Yesterday I only had one proper photoshoot and it was kinda decided for me ;)
But I actually did want to take those photos anyways, so I was exited, though I was really tired = irritated, so I'm sorry if I seemed that I didn't want to take those photos :(

First here's some photos of ninnu-chan as Rikku!

Those photos were taken in the morning almost right after we came to the convention location :)
So, around 12.30 we had the photoshoot with the Final Fantasy X-group!
What I just have to say that yes, it's nice when someone else is taking the photos too and not just me, because that way the cosplayers have more to choose from, but when the other starts question your photography abilities.. Sigh.. Well, to the photos, yes? :D

Izumiro as Yuna
ninnu-chan as Rikku
silkiechan as Lulu

and.. I don't know who are those ppl cosplaying as Auron and Wakka, but I'll add credits later on, when I do know them :')

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I think I'm getting my inspiration for photography and all back!
Today was actually my sisters confirmation, so today was all about church, food and family :)

This post might be a little personal and be more lifestyle-thingie, but I still wanted to share all of these photos :) This time there's also going to be more text than normally~

So, let's start with some photos from the church~

I actually adore this church, it's so simple from the outside but so pretty from the inside :)
You can read more about this church here! And if you are a finn, there's more of it here!

I didn't take almost any photos during the mass, but before it I took some..
The group that had it's confirmation took a group photo outside and ofc I had to take some photos too ;)

Only photo that I took during the mass.. My sister got her certificate!
After the church it was time for us to go home, all the family and friends came too and we celebratet my little sisters confirmation :3 Here's some photos of the food, I'm not showing any photos of my relatives, because I don't feel like I should + I didn't ask for a permission to show any photos here :)

After the party we took a family photo and I head off to the old railway station with my sister, to take some photos for the thank you-cards etc :)
These are just some photos that I took, we used a lot of different roses as props so that our mom (and my sis) could have lots of photos to choose from the photo for the thank you-card!

Model: ElyonToWendy

Hopefully you liked these!
I'll try my best to go through all the Desucon photos soon too, so that I could make post (or posts, not sure yet) of it too :)


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Stitch & Totoro

It's been a long time!
Actually I haven't photographed anyone in a long time, well, I did take some photos at Desucon, but for some reason I still just can't go through those photos :/ I feel like I didn't take that good photos and I just.. I'm really insecure atm about those, so that's the main reason!

Luckily my sister wanted me to take some photos of some clothes she has made last spring :)
She has made all these by herself, there's one Stitch kigurumi, and two different Totoro hoodies! :3

My models:
ElyonToWendy (clothes also made by her!)
and our stepsister J :)

Photography and editing are made by yours truly!
So, enjoy~ :3