Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Time to show you what I came up with our school assignment!
I actually haven't talked about this here yet, so here's some facts:
We had to choose one product to shoot in our school studio and there was 3 photos that we had to make:
1. a photo of the product as it is
2. in usage
3 and in some kind of space

Also, I ended up on choosing a product that is really special to me.
I chose this ring, that I got from my grandmother as I turner 18 y-o..
She herself has gotten this same ring from her mother when she turned 18, so it's something of a heirloom to me.
I love it and it's really precious..
But to the photos!
(as model Valpuri!)

I enjoyed my time in the studio and am pretty pleased with these.. :)
What do you think? :)
What I could have done better?
I really like to get better at photographing, so all feedback is welcomed! :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

My 2012

I think that it's always good to look back in time and see what you've done! You get to see what's been good and what's bad - you know where you still need to improve etc.. So I decided to go through all of my photoshoots (with ppl, cosplay and non) and take one photo/each photoshoot and show it to you!

I started making this post already in November, but it took some time for me to finish it (I guess it's just so hard to choose only one photo from a bunch of photos :D).. So I'm posting this now..

By clicking the photo, you can go and see the original post with more photos from the same photoshoot! :)
So I won't be adding any information about models here, if you get interested in who's the model in photo X just click it and you will get the information! :)

And yeah, even if it has been a group photoshoot I may have chosen a photo of only one person, but I'll be writing underneath of the photo about that~ :3 

This is from a group photoshoot, please check the rest of the photos too! :)

This one is from a group photoshoot, please check the rest of the photos too! :)

This one is from a group photoshoot! Please check the rest of the photos too! :)

This one is from a group photoshoot! Please check the rest of the photos too! :)

Hopefully my 2013 will be even more productive :3

Final photos

You still remember those photos that I took of Valpuri in.. November?
Well, if not, you can check that post here!

But yeah, I just wanted to show you the final edits and which photos I chose to show at school..
I made these B&W to have more "class" in them and more of that old time vibe, I guess :D

I actually had understood the assignment wrongly (just a little) and that's why I had to go only with these coat photos, I would have loved to use those dress photos too, but no can do, I'm actually pretty happy even thought I didn't get to use those :)

Model: Valpuri

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's always a good time

Well, I've been in our school studio twice now.. First time we were just playing around and having fun, also we took some photos of each other in a small groups of 3 (me, Mirjam and Ida was one group) and well..
I thought that why not share couple photos here too :)

Also I spent my entire day in the studio yesterday as we have this photography assignment to take photos of a product in the studio, I took those and as Valpuri was modeling for those photos I also took some really quick shots of her without that product :)

Model: Mirjam

Model: Ida

Model: Valpuri

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


When I was at the southern Finland I met some friends too and one of those friends was lineartt.
We ended up having one really quick photoshoot, as she wanted some photos of her new dress and I just wanted to be behind the camera :D

Model: lineartt