Thursday, September 27, 2012


So, here's some more photos from Vikaköngäs, as I told you Valpuri was kind enough to model for me while we were at Vikaköngäs, so here's those photos in their own post! Hopefully you'll like these! :)

Model: Valpuri

We also got some more photoshoot ideas so you'll be seeing some more of her too! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Finally I got to take some photos here too!
As you know, I don't take a lot of nature photos, I like photographing ppl much more! But I heard of this place called Vikaköngäs from a new friend here in Rovaniemi and with Valpuri (another new friend of mine) we decided to check the place!

I actually liked the place a lot and I believe I will go there again to take some more photos.. Maybe during the winter? It might be pretty place during that time of the year too :3

When we were going back to Rovaniemi with Valpuri, we noticed how close and big the moon is and we decided to make a small stop and take some photos of the moon too!

After that we ended up making another stop by a beach, just to check out the sunset!

I found a lot of new and nice photoshoot locations during this trip and hopefully I'll get to use these places soon!
I actually got to take some photos of Valpuri while we were at Vikaköngäs, so you'll see those photos in a separate post still during this week!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Well hello~
I haven't been behind the camera lately, b/c I just moved to Rovaniemi and I don't have any models here what so ever, so.. I decided to check out some photos from the photoshoots I've had during this year and I actually found photos that I like but for a reason or another haven't retouched those..

So, as the title says these photos are of Yumi and her lovely Mercedes cosplay!
I took these photos at Desucon Frostbite, as we had a quick shoot there :)
You may notice that I really went and retouched the first photo a lot, a whole new background!
What do you think?
I actually want to evolve my photoshop skills + the background we had while shooting wasn't the best for Mercedes, so..

Hopefully you'll like these~ :)

YumiKoyuki as Mercedes from Odin's Sphere
Costume is also handmade by her!

Photography and retouch by yours truly~

And now I can say that I believe there's going to be more old photos that I'll be showing here! But hopefully I'll also get some fresh material to show you soon!! :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Elizabeth Thompson & Death the Kid

As promised here's some more Soul Eater photos!
This time it's just Liz and DtK, and these photos are from Animecon!

This shoot was so fun and derpy and oh god!
I'm surprised that we got even this many photos that could be published! :D

Well, enjoy~ :3

Wish4Eternity07 as Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson
ninnu-chan as Death the Kid

And hopefully I'll get some photos soon from Ziromaru so I could finally publish all the rest of the photos from last summer, but yeah :D
See ya~

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Soul Eater

I've been going through the last photos from conventions, I had so may photos and there's been so much to do so I haven't had time to go through these photos before this :)
These photos are from Desucon!
We had (yes, I was part of the group) one big Soul Eater group there on Saturday and it was just amazing!
So, I ended up taking photos of the other group members~
Hopefully I still remembered all the nicknames right ;D

Anzudo as Soul Eater Evans
Sande9220 as Maka Albarn
SSHIGERUU as Black Star
Itsumo as Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
ninnu-chan as Death the Kid
Wish4Eternity07 as Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson
Eiska as Franken Stein
Zuve as Medusa
Miyukikyki as Chrona

There's going to be more Soul Eater photos from Animecon, as I took photos of Lily and Ninnu (Liz & DtK) at the convention.. So wait for some more photos, also I still have one cosplay photoshoot left to go through, I just don't have the photos yet (I took the photos to a different memory card, which belongs to that cosplayer so..) so I have some photoshoot photos to show you and also there's going to be some stage photos that I want to show you guys :)

p.s. What do you think of my new banner? And the Wordless Wednesday?
I'd like to hear what you think~ :3