Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kingdom Hearts II

This photoshoot was held in last June and it actually took me this long to go through them (Yes, I know it's already end of October) :')
So yeah, we had one weekend that we gathered to Ninnu's place and on Friday evening we already went to take photos and on Saturday we went twice outside for photoshooting! It was really nice to change locations and get different kind of photos :3 I had really nice time with these girls :3 Actually I hope that we will have something like this in the future too! It would be so neat!
(Also we got over 1000+ photos taken so there was a lot to choose from! Yay!)

YumiKoyuki as Olette
Ninnu as Hayner
Photography and retouch © yours truly


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    1. Kiitos :D En ollut yhtään luottavainen itseeni niin siksi meni aika kauan että uskalsin ne käydä läpi.. :S